Are you a busy mom like me? Sometimes it feels like I barely have time to shower and put on makeup, much less go clothes shopping for my kids or myself. Buying clothes for myself from Stitch Fix has been a lifesaver. It’s seriously so easy, and fun. With work and kids’ activities (x 3), I just don’t have time to spend shopping or even searching online to buy clothes for myself. And when I do try to shop with my kids, they either get bored and want to head home OR rush me to finish so we can go to the food court and so forth.

I enjoyed ordering from Stitch Fix for myself so much, that when I heard about Stitch Fix Kids I knew I wanted to try it!


Like the regular subscription box, Stitch Fix Kids let’s you (or really your child with your help) sign up and then customize your preferences. If your child loves certain colors, you can say so. If your child hates a certain material, you can also mention that. For example, my daughter doesn’t generally wear girly style clothing like dresses or skirts. She  prefers leggings and shirts, but at our local stores, it seems that most of these options were covered in unicorns or other themes that simply didn’t suit her growing style.

Stitch Fix Kids offers a wide range of unique options to fit any child’s clothing needs. The average price per item in your Stitch Fix Kids package is $10 to $35 per item, which is pretty reasonable when comparing to my shopping experiences for clothes at other local retailers. Stitch Fix Kid’s clothing comes in sizes 2T up to size 14 so that you can easily use this service for your child’s clothing needs until they reach women’s or men’s sizing.


If you have a daughter, you know clothes are so important! Girls tend to know as well as adults that what you wear says a lot about you.

I was shopping at Target and Walmart for my daughter’s school and play clothes. Now that she’s older, she has more of an opinion about what she prefers to wear and I was excited to provide new options for her. This is why I was excited to try a Stitch Fix Kids box to see if perhaps they offer competitive pricing and options for my daughter’s style interests.

My daughter had a lot of fun filling out her Stitch Fix Kids profile information so that she could receive her package. When the clothing arrived I was pretty impressed that one of the shirts had a horse on it, because we’ve had a hard time finding any horse themed clothing in our local retail shops. My daughter was excited to have some new clothing from Stitch Fix Kids that fit her well and suited her style AND was fun to receive and open.


Stitch Fix Kids works pretty similar to the other Stitch Fix options, here is a basic introduction to how Stitch Fix Works:


  • You’ll go to the Stitch Fix Kids website and create a profile for your child.
  • Have your child help you set up their style profile. My daughter is old enough to set her style profile up on her own with my supervision and guidance.
  • Once the Style Profile is set up in Stitch Fix Kids account, you’ll be ready to sit back and wait for your box of kids clothing to arrive.
  • Each Stitch Fix Kids box contains 8-12 clothing options based on what our personal stylists chose from your kid’s style profile.
  • When your Stitch Fix Kids box arrives, it’s time to hand it over to your child and let them go through the options.
  • Just like the other Stitch Fix options, Stitch Fix Kids allows you to choose what clothing you want to keep and easily return the rest.
  • Once completed, be sure to leave feedback so that Stitch Fix personal stylists will understand your child’s style profile better to send more of what they like in their next Stitch Fix Kids shipment.

Note: If your child (or you) doesn’t like all the items you receive in your susbcription box, there are Facebook groups where you can sell or trade unwanted items in order to get the “buy all” discount.


In the same fashion as the other Stitch Fix subscription boxes, you will be charged a stylist fee of $20 for the personal stylist to put together your shipment. The silver lining to the fee is that it will go towards the cost of any clothing that you keep from your Stitch Fix Kids shipment.

As mentioned earlier, the prices per item are anywhere from $10- $35 with a few bigger items above the $35 mark. I personally don’t feel like I was charged more than I would have spent when taking my daughter to Target or Walmart. I firmly believe that the pricing structure and unique style options fit my family budget needs and my daughter’s personal fashion style.

Stitch Fix kids also offers a 25% discount if you keep the entire box, which works out wonderfully if the kids love all their items.

To get a better idea of what types of items you might receive and at what prices check out our October box and our January box.


When you check out our detailed reviews of each of Audrey’s Stitch Fix Kids boxes, you’ll see that so far we have really enjoyed the items we got and the prices we spent. My daughter received clothes unique to her taste and it did not break the bank. That’s a win for mom and daughter. Not to mention that just receiving the box is fun. We never know what we are going to get!

If you are interested in checking out Stitch Fix Kids for your little ones and use our Stitch Fix Kids referral link, we will both get $25!

Let us know in the comments if you have tried it and what you thought!


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