At our house, getting our first Stitch Fix Kids box was like waking up on Christmas morning and opening that gift that you’ve been waiting for weeks to unwrap. My daughter was so excited to see what her stylist picked out for her and I loved that the hand selected pieces are delivered right to our front door. Not only that, we didn’t have to run all over town going to a dozen different stores to find outfits that she loves. If you have been wondering about Stitch Fix Kids and want all the details, check out our full Stitch Fix Kids review here.

Spoiler alert – we approve!

My daughter loved that the items are chosen especially for her based on the profile she filled out online and I loved that the clothes are both cute and affordable.

October was our first official box. Our hopes were high and we were excited to see what Audrey’s stylist would choose for her. First impressions are everything, so this box was really our make or break view of Stitch Fix Kids. I’m happy to say, our first Stitch Fix Kids box did not disappoint.

What We Received In Our First Stitch Fix Kids Box

RUMI+RYDER –Leah Knight Leggings- M- $12


  • If you’re a 4th grade girl, you can never have too many leggings!
  • Audrey loves this kind of pattern.
  • The price is right, especially after the discount.


  • Purple is not her favorite color, but she liked them enough to keep them.

Third Wish Clothing- Camille Fuzzy Zip Up Hoodie- 8- $24


  • This hoodie was super soft and comfy.
  • The neutral color works with pretty much any outfit.
  • Audrey is obsessed with jackets. 🙂


  • This was almost too small and the next size up was not available for exchange.

Note: We updated her profile to the next size up after her first box.

Truly- Velma Pullover Sweater- M- $20


  • Comfy and casual, without being a t-shirt or a sweatshirt.
  • I was worried about it being itchy, but Audrey says it isn’t.
  • She wears this a lot!


  • Like most sweaters, this fabric can get snags in it if you’re not careful.
  • If she were any bigger, I think it would have been too tight.

Lucky Brand- Hadley Skinny Jeans- 8- $32


  • She recently decided that she likes to wear jeans and not just leggings any more, so she definitely needed more jeans.
  • The dark wash and stitching details looks great together.
  • Super stylish and look cute on her.


  • Not necessarily a con, but we don’t generally buy name brand or designer jeans. So, these were definitely a treat.

DL1961 –Candy Released Hem Leggins- 8- $44


  • Again, she needed more jeans.
  • You can’t see it in the pictures, but this pair came with a cute friendship bracelet-like accessory, attached to one of the belt loops. Audrey thought it was really cool, but eventually cut it off after she got tired of it.
  • These fit well and got worn a lot.


  • Price. I wouldn’t normally pay this much for jeans for her, but since she wears them a lot (like at least once a week) and we got 25% off for keeping all the items in the box, it wasn’t a huge deal.

RUMI+RYDER– ¾ Sleeve Pleat Tee- M- $16


  • She specifically asked for something with horses on it. So, she was completely excited about this!
  • The colors are gorgeous!
  • The 3/4 length sleeves work well fall through spring where we live.


  • Even when she loves the design, she ultimately doesn’t wear graphic tees as much as other items in her closet. Will probably ask her stylist to limit the number of graphic tees to one or two at most in future boxes.

MIA Kids– Ryan Cow Girl Boots- 4Y- $46


  • I don’t think we requested boots, but Audrey had a pair that was really showing a lot of wear and tear. So, these were perfect as a replacement for the pair she had.
  • The color goes with just about anything.
  • The stitching detail is cute.


  • These were completely the wrong size (i.e. not even the size we ordered. I think it was just a packing mistake – they shipped a size 1 instead of a size 4.) Fortunately, with the free exchanges, we were able to get them in the right size for her.

Odin & Ivy –Milli Graphic Tee- M -$10


  • The heather color is nice.
  • Inexpensive.


  • I think the saying on the shirt (“hula-corn”) was kind of strange.
  • She hasn’t worn this one too much.
  • Another graphic tee. Again, probably our mistake because we didn’t ask not to include them.

Odin & Ivy– Baseball Graphic Tee- M- $14


  • Cute colors.
  • The metallic detail is cute.


  • Another graphic tee – I think Stitch Fix includes these in the box to keep the average cost per item down, but we need to let them know that we would prefer more solid colors or at least more subtle graphics.

Peace Love World –Alexis Graphic Sweatshirt- 8- $24


  • Great color.
  • Cute pattern.
  • Perfect fit.
  • Soft and comfy.


  • None, this is a favorite and has been worn a lot. 🙂


Audrey liked everything (which is always a plus since we got a huge discount for keeping all the items) in her Stitch Fix Kids box! The only things we needed to change was the sizes on the boots and the baseball style tee. That’s another great thing about Stitch Fix Kids – you can keep everything, get the discount, but still send back items to exchange for the right size if needed.

One piece of advice, though. If your child is in between sizes, I would recommend ordering up a size to avoid having to exchange too many items and to allow room to grow into the larger size rather than growing out of the smaller size too soon.

Another thing to think about…

If you receive items in your Stitch Fix Kids box that don’t work for your child, but still want to get the discount for keeping everything, check out our Stitch Fix Kids buy/sell/trade Facebook group where you can sell the items that didn’t work. You can also find Stitch Fix items to buy or trade in the group.



The original total for everything was $242, but with the 25% discount for keeping all the items(-60.50) and our styling fee returned for purchasing (-$20), the actual amount we paid for all 10 items was only  $176.49!

On average that was less than $18 per item and we even got two pairs of high quality jeans and boots. Not to mention that Audrey has unique items that (most likely) no one else in her class will have.

If $176 still sounds like a lot to you, here are a few things to keep in mind about Stitch Fix Kids:

  • It cuts down on impulse buying. When you know you have clothes scheduled to come, you make less impulse buys at the store or just less trips to go get clothes.
  • It helps you budget. We personally signed up for 4 boxes a year. That means I know that I’ll be spending less than $200 bucks 4 times a year on clothes.
  • The boxes will be seasonal. If you opt for the 4 times a year like we did, then each box will give you a set of clothes for each season. No need to worry about going out to buy summer or winter clothes.
  • The number of items you are getting. 10 items is quite a lot if you consider how many of your child’s clothes they ACTUALLY wear. The also outgrow clothes quickly so there’s no need for much more than 10 items in any season.

Another Reason We Love Stitch Fix Kids

Stitch Fix Kids also used their creativity to make use of the box they sent the clothing in. On the panel openings, they suggested things you could do with your box such as color the drawings inside or make it a puppet theater. But our personal favorite was the suggestion to give it to the cat!

Well, that’s exactly what we did and our cat, Tiger, loved it!

Another point to Stitch Fix Kids for their sense of humor! We love the clothes, the prices, and even the box.

If you want to try Stitch Fix Kids for yourself, sign up with my link here and we both get $25! If you aren’t quite sure and need to hear more, check out our other reviews on our box here.

Also stay tuned for our next box coming in January!


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