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5 Easy Steps to Make Your Own Journal Jar

You’ve probably heard about the many benefits of journaling. You may have even bought yourself a beautiful journal, all ready to get going. But maybe it’s hard to start. Perhaps it’s hard to think of what to write. After all, you don’t want to spoil that beautiful new notebook.

Help get into the habit of journaling by creating your own journal jar – using these five easy steps.

  1. Find a suitable jar. You can use anything, a mason jar, cookie jar or a vase.
  2. Then write down the prompts suggested below onto slips of paper and put them in the jar.
  3. Whenever you’re stuck for journaling ideas, just pull out a prompt.
  4. Set your kitchen timer for thirty minutes.
  5. Put your prompt in front of you and simply write down whatever comes into your mind.

Here are some suggestions to help get you started.


Start easy by making lists. You can write as little or as much as you want under each listing.
1. Dream vacation destinations
2. Best meals you’ve had and where you ate them
3. Favorite movies
4. Favorite books
5. Favorite songs
6. Top goals to achieve this year, in five years, in ten years


1. Something people don’t know about you
2. Things you wish you had done
3. Your secret desires
4. The most outrageous thing you’ve ever done
5. Biggest gamble you’ve ever made (this could be a career, relationship, travel – anything that felt risky)
6. Letter to someone you’ve wronged

“If” questions

1. If you could meet anyone from history, who would it be?
2. If you could meet any fictional character(s), who would they be?
3. If you could host a dinner party with anyone from history or fiction, who would you invite?
4. If you could go back in time and fix anything, what would you choose?
5. If you could change one thing about yourself right now, what would it be?

Little things you love

It’s easy to think of the big things you love in your life, what about the little things? Like maybe the way your dog greets you when you come home, or the narcissi that bloom without fail every spring? Think across every part of your life.

  1. Family members
  2. Pets
  3. Movies
  4. Books
  5. Food
  6. Activities
  7. Nature

Look back over your week.

Try to think as widely as you can, from managing to get the early bus to trying a new recipe or meeting your exercise goals.


  1. Write down all the things that made you feel good.
  2. What did you learn this week?
  3. What did you achieve
  4. What promises did you keep?

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