5 Bullet Journal Tips to Make It Easy for Everyone

You’ve probably heard about bullet journaling, but maybe not been quite sure if it’s right for you. Keeping a bullet journal can make your life more organized, more efficient and more fun. Here are some basic tips to help get you started.

1. Don’t go overboard

Bullet journaling can be as big as you make it. At first, it’s tempting to put your entire life into your bullet journal and go nuts with colored markers, stickers, and special notebooks, but you really don’t need all that stuff.

You need one notebook and one pen or a set of markers. Focus on the important things you need to get organized and keep your planning achievable and straightforward.

2. Get into a routine

Bullet journaling works best when it’s part of your daily routine. Set aside a particular time when you’re not too rushed so that you can set up your daily tasks. It doesn’t matter if it’s the night before or done first thing in the morning, the important thing is that you find a time that works for you and you stick to it.

3. Make it your own

Don’t compare your way of bullet journaling to what you see online. Your bullet journal needs to be the right fit for you and no one else. You might like strict lists or balloons and arrows. You can make it as pretty or as plain as you want. Your bullet journal doesn’t have to be a work of art, but it does need to work for you.

4. Play around and experiment

By all means, play with colors and stickers and different formats as you find out what works for you. But don’t be afraid to stop doing what’s not feeling good. Maybe you prefer daily, and weekly planning and monthly planning isn’t your jam. That’s fine! Play around with different spreads until you find a good one.

5. Include a habit tracker

Everyone has several habits they want to develop. But they’re not always easy to stick to! Whether it’s flossing your teeth, getting to the gym, doing yoga or checking your spam filter, make sure you include these must-dos in your bullet journal.

You’ll see where you’re slipping up or maybe which tasks your subconscious isn’t interested in, and you’ll feel a sense of achievement when you check them off your daily list! Most importantly the ‘should-dos’ gradually get integrated into your routine and help you live your best life.

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